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BBC’s Janey Lee Grace announced as keynote speaker for global conference

Virtual global conference celebrating women’s businesses achievements and a chance to network being held this December online. 14-15 December 2021, On A Screen Near You: The well-loved Women’s Business Club are thrilled to announce their 9th annual Women’s Business Conference that is being held virtually this year. It is one of those unmissable experiences, especially
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Reverse Ageism, Fact, or Fiction?

written by Greta George, Women’s Business Club Intern What is reverse ageism? When we think of ageism, we often relate it to prejudice towards older workers. What if I told you that this is also faced by young adults? It’s a phenomenon rarely discussed and is often described as reverse ageism. Reverse ageism is associated
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Female CEOs, Career Progression & Motherhood

written by Greta George, Women’s Business Club Intern CEO (noun) A chief executive officer, the highest-ranking person in a company or other institution, ultimately responsible for taking managerial decisions [1].   When I say ‘CEO’, what’s the first name that pops into your head? Is it Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Bezos, perhaps it’s Richard Branson? Maybe
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