Sonka is the Intuitive Life Coach, Nutritional Therapist, NLP practitioner, TimeLine Therapy Practitioner. You will often find her in the kitchen preparing some nourishing food and snacks, or sat crossed legged on the sofa reading, embroidering or makrame-ing with a cup of her favourite herbal tea. She supports ladies in getting their day to day “IT” together and re-discover their Amazingness along the way by sharing tips on nourishing their body as well as their mind, through a unique combination of NLP, nutrition and timeline therapy. She leads them on a journey to self love, self respect and freedom to be your true self. Nuggets about her... She used to be a heavy smoker She lived on mayo based salads from the university canteen and salami sandwiches I she was a voluntary fighter fighter She came to England in summer 2005 from Bratislava, Slovak Republic with my best friend, one suitcase, no English and no plan She has masters in a mechanical engineering She love dancing and socialising

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THE BEST Networking Top Tips for Women in Business

What a night – meaningful connections, laughter and learning about making most of the NETWORKING with The Networking Queen Fiona Drake For many just the thought of networking is sickening. It resurfaces the feeling of going into a party we are not invited to. It may make us feel stuck and speechless. We may even
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It could not have gone any better

A perfect high vibe Mocha morning in Macclesfield Women’s Business Club it was!   You know that the event went really well when the Ladies are chatting to each other, sharing experiences, exchanging business cards, “plotting” collaborations and speaking about opportunities … all of that in no more than 2.5hrs over a coffee or two.
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