Fiona Fullerton – Ballerina and Bond Girl to Property Entrepreneur

Fiona Fullerton opened her home and heart to the Women’s Business New to share her inspiring story with us. We don’t want to give the story away but for now we would like to introduce you to this incredible woman who went from a ballerina to child star at 11 years old and then enjoyed a wonderful journey as an actress, journalist, interior designer and property developer. Get to know Fiona a little through these video clips and photos below and then join us over at the Women’s Business News for the Autumn 2015 edition and read all about it.


Fiona Fullerton - A Hazard of Hearts 1987 Fiona Fullerton – A Hazard of Hearts 1987

 Fiona Fullerton - A View to a Kill 1985
Fiona Fullerton – A View to a Kill 19
Fiona Fullerton - Camelot 1982
Fiona Fullerton – Camelot 1982

Some property tips from Fiona Fullerton

If you’re thinking of buying a listed property, then there are a few things you should bear in mind before you decide to buy. Fiona Fullerton, who herself lives in a grade listed property, knows exactly who to talk to and what the restrictions are. Fiona Fullerton has been a landlord for over ten years and shares her thoughts on what the highs and lows of being a landlord are.

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