How to Generate Leads and Clients, Speaking For Free


BIG names like Mel Robbins and Gary Vee have spoken about how they had VERY successful speaking businesses BUT once COVID hit, it no longer exists, overnight.

BUT speaking and making offers for people to come and work with you, online  – has taken off, in the new COVID market. SO while keynote speaking has suffered…

Using speaking as a marketing tool to generate leads and clients in ONE talk  – has just taken off. ✈️ . The market has shifted because of COVID. Which is why like me, you can be in living in Canberra, Australia  and speak to a group of people in Singapore, in Dubai, in Brisbane, in Lisbon etc, speaking for FREE AND generating leads and clients in a singlepresentation or talk.

If you’d like to learn HOW to take what you do and turn it into a talk that gives you the ability to sell on the spot without being salesy, it’s 100% doable, and this training will show you how step by step.