How to Manage Stress for Enhanced Work Life Balance


How to manage stress for enhanced work life balance with Kerry Seymour

Discover the simple actions we can use to proactively minimise stress and overwhelm.

An introduction to the topic of stress, what it is, when it’s a problem and how it impacts the brain, body and our ability to work effectively in (and on) our businesses. The talk also includes simple actions we can use to proactively minimise stress and overwhelm and how we can use these to enhance our feeling of work-life balance.

In this masterclass you will learn

  • What stress is, when it’s good, when it’s bad and what’s happening in your brain
  • How to spot the physical, behavioural, emotional and cognitive signs of stress
  • How to proactively minimise stress using the Three Principles of Positivity to enhance work-life balance

About Kerry Seymour

Kerry Seymour has always been interested in mental health, learning about how the brain works and understanding why we behave in the way that we do. Since graduating from university with a Psychology degree, her career has been focused around supporting mental health services and practitioners to provide high-quality support to the people that need it. Over the years this has been through various roles, including research and clinical governance both in the NHS and the voluntary sector.

Kerry is motivated by her belief that everyone should have access to high-quality mental health support and that this should be a routine part of people’s self-care habits, not just for when things go wrong.

In her role as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist Kerry helps people take control of their life so that they can go from surviving life, to thriving in life. She helps her clients to understand how their brain works so that they can get it working with them and not against them. She also helps them to take back control from the exhaustion of stress, anxiety and overwhelm so that they can build their confidence and self-esteem and discover the best version of themselves.

Solution focused hypnotherapy uses clinically proven methods and techniques, which are based on the most modern neuroscientific research and focuses on the here and now and moving forward rather than revisiting or dwelling on the past.

Kerry feels truly passionate about helping people to harness the potential of their brain so that they can Get Better, Cope Better and Be Better – both in life and in their business.