You are the brand, PR secrets to ensure visibility


Janey Lee Grace – You are the brand, PR secrets to ensure visibility

Achieve the visibility you deserve to succeed in the marketplace by putting yourself a the top of your brand, get clarity on your USP, be confident and authentic and turn your passion to profit with your heart centered business.

In Janey Lee’s talk you will learn:

  • How to create compelling content
  • What journalists and producers are looking for
  • How to make the right connections to skyrocket your PR

About Janey Lee Grace

Janey Lee Grace is a broadcaster best known as a co-host on Steve Wright in the afternoon on BBC Radio 2 – she is author of five books on holistic living including two number one amazon best sellers. With her experience in the media and with her own brand Janey offers media training and DIY PR to entrepreneurs and brands giving insights into how to get ‘seen heard and sold’, maximising their opportunities and revealing what producers, journalists and editors want from brands and importantly – what they don’t!