Sunny Sales Inspiring Business Women

THE SALE is the climax of any business! Join us this July as we are inspiring businesswomen across the globe with our Sunny Sales month, hoping to get across that the sale is the whole point! Your business is your labour of love but the reward comes in the form of the sale. You gently and tenderly nurture your leads, spend your time doing your social media and marketing and for some you invest in a coffee date or two. Would you go to all that trouble if it weren’t for the sale? Sunny Sales Inspiring Business Women

Sadly, too many business owners today do all that work and then shy away from the sales. WHAT?!? That is the whole point of what you do and it’s perfectly acceptable. There is nothing wrong with selling and making the money you deserve. You are in business after all and if you are not interested in the sale then set up a charity and work for free. Don’t you think?  Sunny Sales Inspiring Business Women

At the Women’s Business Club we love sunny sales. Not the pushy, bossy, nasty kind of sales but simply doing what we love, helping people through what we do and the sales that result. We love knowing that another member has invested her hard-earned money in our club and we will bend over backwards to give her a brilliant ROI. Sales is great but we also love what comes after the sales – the relationship! The sale just opens the door and after that all the real fun begins. Imagine what would happen if we spent all day every day entertaining our social media followers with catchy posts, inspiring quotes, cool graphics and engaging conversation but never sold anything? Or if we crammed our diary full of lunch dates, coffee dates, networking events and evening socials but never tried to gain any new business because we were scared that people would find us ‘salesy’?  Oh my goodness! I am not judging, I have done it for far too long and sadly not too long ago either :/ Selling is not BAD it is what you have to do to grow a business. No sales = no business! That is the brutal truth. And that is also why we are committed to helping you with your sales this month. Would you like to be sitting on a hot sunny beach this summer while your business is growing? It is possible with a solid sales pipeline in place. Would you like to have a warm sunny feeling when you do your sales rather than a stormy dark rain cloud looming over your head because you feel too guilty to sell? It is possible with our Sunny Sales chapter in the Success Story System.

We have dedicated an entire chapter of our Success Story System to sales, get involved and tap into all of our valuable resources to support you in your business.

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