Employee Training During COVID: What You Need to Know

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused a wide array of changes in the business world. One of the most significant shifts that have occurred is the transition to operating remotely. Many companies have temporarily left behind their brick-and-mortar locations and instead embraced the power of the internet to keep their businesses running. For many employees, the pandemic has provided their first experience of working from home and carrying out their job role off-site. What started as a temporary arrangement has become increasingly likely to be a new way of working. 

Working remotely is not the only way that employees have been impacted by the pandemic. While the COVID-19 situation continues, many companies have stopped offering employee training. As so many training courses are delivered in-person, it has been impossible to run sessions over the last year. This means that employees have missed out on opportunities to develop their skills and receive the coaching that is needed to further their careers. Unfortunately, this lack of availability for training courses comes at a time when employee training would be most beneficial. 

A solution that addresses the need for staff training throughout the current situation and makes it happen is required to ensure that employees are equipped with all the knowledge and skills to work to their full potential. In the below infographic, Ezra provides a clear picture of the current staff training statistics and also weighs up the benefits of companies providing remote training to their employees, both during the pandemic and beyond. 

Infographic Design By Ezra Ezra Coaching


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